The Basin Music Festival

The Basin Music Festival is a much loved annual community event, anticipated by local musicians and communities.

The Festival had been presented annually in the Basin Triangle for over 15 years, with multiple stages in, and surrounding the Triangle over a weekend in mid-March.

The Festival celebrates live music and local musicians, fosters community spirit, and promotes economic prosperity for the region.


  • For Musicians By Lovers of Music
  • Provide musicians from our community a platform to perform & network
  • Encourage community participation in the arts through musical workshops, communal stages, community choir and interactive performances
  • Give opportunity to people with limited other opportunities to publicly perform, including youth, seniors, ethnic groups, and musicians with mental illness, and create an avenue for growth in the live-music industry
  • Embrace diversity across all cultures
  • Provide unique, fun musical events for the community of Knox and neighboring areas, contributing to community and social cohesion and connection
  • Provide recreational, leisure and social activities for the local community, including people who are isolated, disadvantaged, and marginalized
  • Promote community life, harmony and spirit through the involvement and promotion of local service groups, organisations, and showcase the value of community amenities and facilities.
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