Why is this an unpaid gig?

  • We totally respect your decision to play or not to play a free gig.
  • Our Festival's core purpose is to allow musicians of differing styles to network and showcase their music in public.
  • We aim to attract as many people as possible to help facilitate the artists to reach and sell their "Media and Merch" (with no commission) to as many people as possible.
  • The small amount of money we currently raise through ticket sales and grants is put directly into hire of facilities, equipment, materials, promotion, consumables, subscriptions, insurance and providers that we can not find sponsors for.
  • If you or someone you know can help fund payment of the 140+ acts, we would love to hear from you.
  • The Basin Music Festival is wholly run by volunteers, working year round to provide opportunities for musicians to perform. 

When will we know if we are booked to play?

  • 30 September 2022 - expressions of interest close.
  • 14 October 2022 - you would have been notified if your application was successful and offered a booking. 
  • We would need to know asap if you can no longer play so we can slot in a replacement.

Why isn't the Program Schedule published yet?

  • We will publish a generic version of the program in September and begin to promote ticket sales.
  • By 31 October 2022 we will lock in who will be performing and have published the detailed program. 
  • Extensive promotion of the Festival and who will be performing will be in full swing.

My band is booked to play the festival. Is there a back-line?

  • Yes. Details including back-line equipment will be in the message sent to the email address your band entered in the online form. 
  • Bass amps and drum kits are provided on the larger stages, but drummers must bring their own cymbals, snare, and kick pedal. 
  • Guitarists must bring their own leads, and electric guitarists must also bring their own amps. 
  • Small cafĂ© stages will have small PAs. 
  • All stages will have DI provided.

My band played the festival, and we think we lost some equipment there...

  • No worries, because you put labels on all your stuff... right? 
  • Our tight schedule means quick change-overs between bands. You will not forget to take your guitar home, but how about that lead, the capo, the stick bag, the effects pedal?
  • Label your stuff. Name and phone. Contact us if you need to.

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