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The Basin Music Festival - rock on!

Why is this an unpaid gig?

  • We totally respect your decision to play or not to play a free gig.
  • The festival's core purpose is to allow musicians of differing styles a high-quality venue to showcase their music and network with other musicians.
  • We aim to attract as many people as possible to help facilitate the artists to reach and sell their "Media and Merch" (charging no commission).
  • The small amount of money we currently raise through ticket sales and grants goes directly into hire of facilities, equipment, materials, promotion, consumables, subscriptions, insurance and providers that we can not find sponsors for.
  • If you or someone you know can help fund payment of 100 to 120 acts (about 400 performers) on average, we would love to hear from you.
  • The Basin Music Festival is wholly run by volunteers, working year round to provide opportunities for musicians to perform. 

When will we know if we are booked to play?

  • Key dates are provided to you in the musicians application form. If you find errors please let us know.
  • If you are booked, you have received a confirmation email (no? check Spam folder?), it should have a live link to your updated schedule. Save that email. 
  • We would need to know asap if you can no longer play so we can slot in a replacement.

Why isn't the Program Schedule published yet?

  • We work to publish a preliminary version of the program about a month before the event.
  • With the large number of performers and groups, the festival schedule is constantly changing to accommodate hundreds of musicians' own schedules. 
  • Closer to the festival date, the schedule becomes more stable and we publish it. If you have a scheduling question, contact us.

My band is booked to play the festival. Is there a back-line?

  • Yes. If you are confirmed, details will be in the message sent to the email address your band entered in the online form. 
  • Bass amps and drum kits are provided on the larger stages, but drummers must bring their own cymbals, snare, and kick pedal. 
  • Guitarists must bring their own leads, and electric guitarists must also bring their own amps. 
  • Small cafĂ© stages will have small PAs. 
  • All stages will have DI provided.

My band played the festival, and we think we lost some equipment there...

  • No worries, because you put labels on all your stuff... right? 
  • Our tight schedule means quick change-overs between bands. You will not forget to take your guitar home, but how about that lead, the capo, the stick bag, the effects pedal?
  • Label your stuff. Name and phone. Contact us if you left something on stage. It may be in our Lost & Found box. Whether or not you were a performer, we may have your hoodie.

Where can I park my car?

  • Parking is not as convenient as we'd like it to be. We are working with Council to improve it.
  • We may not be able to open the upper lawn area in the park if the terrain is too wet from rain, so plan on street parking, or...
  • Off-street parking is in a small lot (20 spaces) just north of the roundabout, and at St. Bernadette's school (about 100 spaces), a 5-minute walk down the road.
  • News alert: Because of a private event, St. Bernadette's car park will be closed to festival guests on Saturday 25 March until 3 pm. Festival guests are welcome after 3 pm.
  • Almost all street parking is in residential areas, so please be considerate, follow instructions on signs, drive slowly, don't block driveways, don't leave rubbish, be quiet. Be nice. And, before you go back to your car, use the toilets in the park or the indoor venues. Thanks for your kind support.
  • Musicians and guests: Please DO NOT park in front of the shops on Mountain Highway. Those spaces are for local residents who are shopping briefly. Support the shops that support the community.
  • Musicians can unload vehicles close to your gig stage if you have any bulky/heavy gear, and then park it elsewhere. Hand trolleys are available.

Our Aboriginal heritage

The Basin Music Festival Association acknowledges, respects and shares in the customs of the Kulin Nation. We pay our respects to the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung people of the Kulin Nation, traditional custodians of the land on which we hold The Basin Music Festival, and pay our respects to their elders past and present.
We extend that same respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, members of the oldest living culture in the world . 
 To learn more, ghere.

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