Music Program - Concert in the Park - 20 March 2022

At last, the Basin Music Festival Association is bringing live music back to The Basin Triangle. Its been a long time.

We need to tell you the Concert would not be happening if not for the support of Knox City Council, the amazing effort of our TBMF volunteers and members, local traders and all you lovers of music. If you get hungry or thirsty grab something delicious from the local shops or have a bite at the local restaurants. We dare you to resist the smell of sausages and onions from the Local Scout Troop's BBQ.

Let's get this party started ...

From 11 am

Stax - respected digeridoo maker, performer and teacher will get us in the mood while we find our picnic spot, get settled in and say hi to Festival staff, fellow music lovers, catch up with old friends and make new ones. 

John Mortimore (Honorary Life Member) will deliver our acknowledgement to country and TBMF President Mark Grondman will say a few words of welcome and thanks.

John Allan our MC will take it from there and introduce the terrific acts we have lined up. 


Spare Change - the powerful voice of Arnold Tihema and renowned guitar prowess of Ronnie Peers performing a mixture of soulful and funky grooves.


Siberia will play us new wave, glam and classic rock covers. Remember to dance like no-ones watching!


Cathy  Dobson is a multi-award winning singer/song writer. She is the winner of the prestigious Sachar Amos 2020 Song Writing Competition. Finally we get to present her with her Sachar Amos guitar!


Moonshine Coalition has been sharing their music with the world since 2015. Max Lees and Annie Dixon are inspired by the sounds of Americana/Appalachian artists and have recently played at The Bluebird Cafe' in Nashville, USA and various venues in Berlin, Germany.

2.40 pm

16 year old Jenna Campbell is our guitarist extraordinaire, having played with Opal Ocean. A previous winner of The Basin Music Festival Youth Stage, Jenna's debut single "PHANEROZOIC" is out now!

3.20 pm

Rusty Strings (aka Ray Smith) award winning singer/songwriter and his many friends are invited to play along, including Henry Butcher, Jenna Campbell, Stax and Dan Goldfarb.

4.15 pm

Dr. Ric's Overdrive Especial with mates Mark Grondman, Ken Herrin and Ryan Lim have been playing for the best part of 3 decades…so they should sound a lot better than they do!

Playing together for the first time in 2 years it’s gonna be a rock ‘n roll death or glory battle right there in the Pavilion. 

5.15 pm

Heavy metal pioneers, Bengal Tigers will be closing out the Concert in the Park. 

The Concert in the Park will finish at 6:00 pm.

Stay around and chat to the Festival team or even help us pack up. Fish and chips sounds like a good way to end the day. Once again, a big shout out to Knox City Council for supporting this event.

Photography on this page:

Peter Knight

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